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Spitfire’s Final Victory? Its Legacy

There are some contenders to the claim of most iconic invention of the twentieth century. It was 100 years of non-stop advancement along the path of innovation fuelled by two world wars. Conflicts that had come and gone before even the halfway point of the century. Most technological ‘moments’ that followed 1945 can trace some origin back to the Second World War … Apollo 11 and the Apple Mac personal computer being two classic examples of the evolution of tech born out of conflict. But what really takes the crown - in Britain at least - what is arguably the significant invention or tech moment of the lot, is the 1936 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire.

Sawn Off Lockie: Our Greatest Ace?

David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Craig ... men that are revered by society for achieving greatness in their fields. Their names are on the tip of our tongues and we recognise their faces instantly. But if it were 1940 and this were the midst of the Battle of Britain, the name everybody would be talking about is Eric Lock. Yet at the height of his well-earned fame, Eric Lock would disappear without a trace of him or the aircraft he was last seen flying leaving not only his family and colleagues with questions unanswered, but an entire nation.

Impressive New Pictures Of HMS Queen Elizabeth As She Sails From Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth, one of the two most powerful and largest aircraft carriers the Royal Navy has ever possessed, has left port in Portsmouth for her crew to continue its work of preparing for full-readiness operations. Pulling out of the city and into the English Channel, HMSQE has been photographed in all her glory as she makes her way to the west coast of Scotland to join Exercise Joint Warrior. Once there, she will be complimented with F-35 fighter jets from RAF Marham.

Camilla And The Military

Camila, Duchess of Cornwall is the wife of Prince Charles. That means, one day, she will officially be Queen Consort – although it has been said in the past by Clarence House Camilla will instead assume the title of Princess Consort. In Spring 2020, Camilla took up the role of Colonel in Chief of The Rifles after the title was passed over to her from her father-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh, who has steadily retired from his many honorary positions. But her role with The Rifles is just one aspect of her close bond with the Armed Forces.

Challenger 2: Everything You Need To Know About Britain’s Tanks

Nothing shakes the ground like a Challenger 2. The hairs on the back of a bystander’s neck stand to attention when its driver puts his foot down and the explosive roar of its 26-litre diesel engine lets rip, driving the axels that move the tracks of the 65 tonnes of armour forward. Inside it, four highly trained crew members each with individual responsibilities that when put together – like a perfect orchestra – bring the weapon to its maximum, deadly effectiveness.

The Bearskin: Everything You Need To Know

The unmistakable site of a Guardsman standing smartly to attention on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace is as much an icon to British culture as the red telephone box or a cup of English tea. Magnanimous to Guardsmen are the striking black headdresses worn by them, a piece of uniform called the Bearskin. But what is it all about? Here, as we examine the history behind the frequently controversial Bearskin, exploring which other armies around the world wears them and the process behind their manufacture.

U Boats – ‘Grey Coffins’ That Shaped Two World Wars And Forged The Era Of The Submarine

What was it exactly that made the submarines used by the Imperial German Navy and Kriegsmarine so feared? Here, BFBS unpicks over 100 years of sub-sea surface warfare and attempts to retell some of the most infamous U-Boat moments of two world wars between Britain and her allies, and Germany. We also look at some of the more technical features of the machines and the weapons they carried, and how those weapons and tactics were combined to create a frequently deadly consequence.

Sunk, Captured, Tortured And Starved: Surviving Life As A Japanese POW

The horrors of captivity for Allied prisoners of war held by the Japanese is well documented, with POWs suffering immense hardship. Here, for the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, former member of the Blues and Royals James Wharton tells the personal story of his grandfather after researching his family history in the Far East during World War Two. My grandfather was a Japanese Prisoner of War...

The Means To 'Flatten Other Countries' - Britain's Nuclear Future

August 2020 marks 75 years since the United Sates used nuclear weapons to bomb targets in Japan, two acts that brought the six-year Second World War to a swift end. It marked the beginning of the age of the nuclear weapon. In the immediate decade following the dropping of those two atomic bombs, other nations around the world moved to arm themselves with similar weaponry. This was known as the arms race. Today, eight, possibly nine, states around the world are armed with nuclear weapons.

How Did The Atomic Bomb Work?

When the USA dropped an Atomic Bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, a culmination of several years’ work by the brightest minds on the planet was realised. At that time, the bomb was the most powerful weapon ever created and it wreaked devastation the likes of which had never been seen. It had been a race. A race that in the final months of the war had become a single-entry competition following the dropping out of the Germans with the fall of the Third Reich in May 1945.

Sabotage And Subversion: The Secret Operations Of The SOE

Kidnapping German Generals, blowing up factories and infiltrating the water supply of a laundrette with itching powder … three real examples of the top-secret war time operations of the SOE, or to give it its full name, the Special Operations Executive. In 1940, to take on the specific tasks of frustrating the enemy with acts of subversion, a new, top secret organisation called the Special Operations Executive was established under the orders of Winston Churchill.

Lockdown Love: Can Military Relationships Guide Struggling Sex Lives?

Since lockdown measures were introduced in March, our everyday lives have altered significantly. The way we work, the way we buy our shopping, the way we engage and communicate with our families. It is all different now. Another element of life impacted by social distancing measures is many of our relationships. Could, however, the general population learn something from how Armed Forces families maintain a healthy loving relationship?

Dunkirk On Screen: Three Films To Watch During The 80th Anniversary

In the middle of every disaster there is hope. And that could not be truer of the Dunkirk Evacuation. When Hitler ordered the invasion of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands on May 10, 1940, the British Expeditionary Force found itself outgunned, outflanked and ultimately outright beaten in the days and weeks that followed. The culmination of this came on May 26, 1940, when newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill authorised Operation Dynamo, an audacious rescue mission ...

Dunkirk 80th Anniversary: Ten-Minute History Lesson

“Wars are not won by evacuations.” Those were the chilling words Winston Churchill used to remind the country in 1940 that the successful beach evacuation of over 300,000 Allied soldiers did not represent a victory. The Dunkirk Evacuation, although successful in the face of daunting odds, was the lowest moment for the British in both the world wars of the 20th century. A success, yes, but a victory, no. But what exactly was the Dunkirk Evacuation ...

How Military History was Central To San Francisco Becoming The Gay Capital Of The World

San Francisco is considered to be the gay capital of the world. The Californian city, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and iconic Cable-Car system, has been a Mecca to LGBTs for decades. But, have you ever stopped and wondered how this association between gay people and San Francisco came to be what it is today? The answer, believe it or not, lies within the pages of military history. Let’s take a look …

Who Are The French Aerobatic Display Team?

Like the Royal Air Force, the French Air Force has its own specialist display team taking to the skies and wowing audiences all over the world. The display team's full name is La Patrouille Acrobatique de France (translating as The French Acrobatic Patrol), but they are more commonly known as The Patrouille de France, or La Patrouille for short. Established in 1931, La Patrouille is the oldest aerobatic precision display team in the world ...
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